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My new book, coming out from HarperCollins this August (2004), is entitled "Better OFF; Flipping the Switch on Technology." It describes the journey my wife and I have taken from the fast-paced life of high technology at MIT to a richer, more leisurely and savory existence, using our own arms, legs, and heads to perform most of the everyday tasks machines once performed for us--from washing clothes to walking to the bank or grocery store to thinking through a frugal plan of "home-economics" in a modern city. Most of the book focuses vividly on a year Mary and I spent living in the country with an Old Order Anabaptist group that I call the "Minimites," where we learned practical knacks and principles of technological selection we now apply in our urban home.


Bicycling on a recumbent, Sunday family excursions in the rickshaw, reading, enjoying live music from classical to bluegrass, dining out in low-priced ethnic restaurants, involving the family in various household projects such as soap making, and writing and thinking on the subject of technology and imagining creative ways to get around using it (I don't own the computer on which I am typing this and only use it occasionally at the library!)